Thread: how to grab the video from the camera?

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    Smile how to grab the video from the camera?

    how to grab the video from the camera and stream to screen?

    this is my first post but I guess I'll be a good member of this community!!!

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    This is a very complicated task, but in general, you'll do something like this:

    Step 1: Write a (probably kernel-mode) driver to interface with your camera
    Step 2: Write/find a library to parse the video data you receive
    Step 3: Write a transfer mechanism to grab data from the driver to your program
    Step 4: Install a graphics/GUI library and link it to your program
    Step 5: Interface with the library to make it display the parsed pixel data

    Or, you could just launch Quicktime

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    I'd say you use need DirectShow or some other media network. When connecting the camera, it will probably attach in mass storage mode, allowing you access to the videos through the filesystem.
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