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    Mutations Problem

    A black-hat cracker attacked to your computer and he took a very important sequence from it. Also, he replaced this sequence with five mutations of the sequence.

    The sequence has length of N and it's content are numbers between 1 and N (all the numbers one time) in a random position.

    For every single mutation:
    ~He take the original sequence.
    ~He moves a single number to a random place.
    ~He creates the mutation.

    The sequence's length is between 1 and 20000 so this proccess performs only for five numbers.
    Every number moves only one time.
    Taking a number and moving it to the same place is accepted as a mutation.

    Input File:
    In the first line we take the N number (length of sequence).
    In the 5 other lines we take the five mutations.

    Output file:
    In a single line the original sequence.


    4 1 5 3 2
    4 5 1 3 2
    1 5 4 3 2
    3 5 4 1 2
    2 5 4 1 3

    5 4 1 3 2

    Please HELP me as soon as you can with a verbal or a coded solution!!!

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    Your explanation is very bad. If this reflects your current understanding of the problem, then that's where you should start: understand the problem better.

    At any rate, no one's going to code it for you.

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    (How many x-posts does this one have?)
    Two other's so far...
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