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    Network Code!

    Im preparing to work on a simple network chat program to chat over a network, somthing along the lines of irc... I was just wondering what I should use to commpunicate over the network (is there and libraries, headers, or source that will help

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    What OS are you using?

    Perhaps this site can help you further.

    There's a section there about messaging. A part of that section is about an open source chat program.
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    you could use winsock on windows or sockets on unix ..

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    I assume you are making a client for the Windows operating systems.

    I would suggest using Windows Sockets or "winsock". Here are some resources and tutorials:

    Windows Socket Network Programming

    Developing for the Internet with Winsock: Everything You Need to Master the Art of Creating Windows Internet Software

    Johnnie's Winsock Tutorial

    Winsock Development Information

    I hope that these links are helpful to you SlimDady.
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    I'd recommend SDL_net. It's portable.
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