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    Question Header Files

    I'm using Borland v.4.52. How do you make, include and use your own header files?

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    Well, here is an example of a basic header file.

    // Example.h
    #ifndef  _EXAMPLE_H_ // says, if it isn't defined, define
    #define _EXAMPLE_H_
    class cExample {
         int m_x;
         int m_y;
         inline int GetX( void ) { return ( m_x ); }
         inline int GetY( void ) { return ( m_y ); }
    #endif /* _EXAMPLE_H_ */
    This might seem a little confusing at first but basically this is just a simple class that your main.cpp file can use. Make sure you add the line

    #include "Example.h"

    to your main.cpp in the beginning. Using quotes as opposed to the brackets you are accustomed to means that it is a header file you defined and is located in the directory your source code is located in. Now if I wanted to declare an instance of this class in my main.cpp you would write it like this.

    int main( void )
         cExample cEx;
         return ( 0 );
    This would declare an instance of the class and you could access the public members as you normally would. Hopefully this helps you some.

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