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    Visual Studio .net Academic...

    Just a off topic here...

    Does anyone here knows if Visual Studio .net Academic can be installed on more than 2 computers?? I have 2 desktop, and a notebook....


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    Yes if you read the EULA it says that it can be on more than 1 computer if you are the only user on each computer, otherwise its illegal. But anyways did you purchase this from your school or off the net? And if so how much b/c im comparing prices for the acedemic version.
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    Go ahead. I don't think it really matters that much. You'll only be using one at a time. Besides, you bought the software at least.

    The only pain would be if they make you register it or you can only use it so many times.
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    I bought it for from school for about $100....

    But I saw one at ebay for about $50 + Shipping.

    Since we can install it on multiple computers, why would they stilll have that activation thing included...?? :P
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    you can get academic for free if you goto one of microsoft's seminars. They throw them at various schools throughout the region. I went to one in philadelphia(temple) and I got academic, windows xp pro, and a whole buncha free stuff for watching a video and listening to this one dude tell me how C# is so awesome...(still looks like java to me), he was bragging how with 20 lines of code he was able to generate 30 random numbers.....

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