Thread: Locating file in a directory in windows 7

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    Locating file in a directory in windows 7

    I want to write a program that will look in a specific directory, search if any .zip file exist, then locate any file in that directory then return out a file name from the program.

    This is for my senior design project fro a database that will be looking into the specific FTP directory in my computer for zip files. The program will be called from a batch file script that will need a full file name in order to unzip any and all file from the receiving directory.

    The batch will be doing the main scripting of unzipping the file then inserting the information into a MySQL database.

    I have written a script that will work for a specific .zip file that will remain constant. So i need the c++ program to return a variable file name to keep handling more than just one file name.

    If you already have code that will help, this will be good, but im looking more for specific classes that handle files.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Post the batch file.
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