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    Assume the following:
    (1) The number of the students in your class is a random number between [131, 162].
    (2) Every student has 3 exams, and each exam grade is a random integer between [10, 100].
    (3) A student's total grade is the average of the three exam grades.
    (4) If the total grade is in [10, 59], the letter grade is F; If the total grade is in [60, 74], the letter grade is C;
    If the total grade is in [75, 84], the letter grade is B; If the total grade is in [85, 100], the letter grade is A.


    (1) you need to use a 2-dimensional array to store all the grades for the students. For eachs student, you need to
    store her student number (a number ranging from 1 to the total number of student), her grades for three exams, and
    her final grade.

    (2) You first need to print the maximum and minimum grades for each exam, and the corresponding student number.

    Output can look like:

    Exam 1 maximum Student number
    100 24

    Exam 2 minimum Student number
    10 165

    (3) You need to sort all the students based upon their final grades in the descending order. Then print the
    sorted list in the following format (I show a sample output below):

    Student Number Final Grade Letter Grade

    24 100 A
    17 98 A
    160 95 A

    (4) Finally, you need to add a student into the list if the class is not full yet (maximum size is always 162). Again, you need to randomly
    generate this student's grades for 3 exams and calculate her total. When you insert, make sure the sorted order
    on the total grade is obeyed.

    Then you need to print out the new list (in the same format above). On your print out, please put a "start sign"
    to indicate which one is the new student.

    At last, please use getchar() at the end of main function so that the output window will stay.

    Please make sure your output looks neat and awesome!

    Anyone know how to help me with this problems. All help appreciated.

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    Assume the following:

    No one will help you unless and until you put in some effort yourself.
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    Unlikely, seeing as the same thing was posted elsewhere 4 days ago. I'm guessing effort is not in this person's vocabulary.

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    Homework policy violation.
    All the buzzt!

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