Thread: help with cin.getline()

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    help with cin.getline()

    Hi there good people.
    Ok i'm puzzled, i got his as my main(), but I defined other functions b4 (just for the record, since believe that they have no influence whatsoever in what's happening)

    int main()
    int escolha;
    char txt[1000];
    cout<<"O APONTADOR DE HISTORIAS"<<endl;
    if (escolha == 1)
    cin.getline(txt, 1000, '\n');
    //does some other stuff.....
    return 0;
    my problem is the program doesn't stop at cin.getline(....) as spouzed, and read the input. This looks pretty straight forward to me, that's why it puzzles me even more. All the #includes are present.
    So if somebody could please clear me out on this matter, i would be ever so much appreciated.

    thankxx in advance for your kind attention.
    PS - in case you're wondering what language is in between quotes it's Portuguese

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    The statement -


    is leaving a '\n' in the buffer which is then being picked up by getline causing it to terminate immeadiately. If you put


    after cin>>escolha; then it will remove any stray input and the newline.

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