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    graphic library creation

    I am using borland C++ ver. 3.1. I have written a graphic program that displays the results of a maximum flow algorithm on the screen. I am trying to create a graphic library of the functions I have created to do the display. I am using structs as my main data structure and not class members. How do I go about creating libraries based on the functions.

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    When you compile your program, the compiler creates an object file (*.o). This file has all of your code.
    Now I don't fully understand your question.

    Do you want to make a file to link with your program?(e.g an *.lib)
    If so compiler your functions into a dll.

    /* or */

    Just be able to use your functions without having to type then out again?
    If so store them in separate files and use the "#include "myFunctions.h"
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