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    Text on graphics screen

    I am using borland C++ 3.1.

    I am using the code below to display text (a array value) on a graphic screen. I know I am using the right function (sprintlf() ) but cannot get it to work right.

    struct vertex_struct
    int excess;
    int height;
    } vertex[10];

    I want to display all 5 vertices on the screen:

    char text_string[15];
    for (int c=0; c<5; c++)
    sprintf(text_string, "Vertex[%d] = %lf", c, vertex[c].excess);

    ************************************************** ***

    I would like the output to look like:

    vertex[0] = 34.05
    vertex[1] = 105.12
    vertex[2] = 33.3
    vertex[3] = 21.2
    vertex[4] = 10

    I know that I am not using sprintlf() correctly. Also the outtextxy () is not correct either because as it is, it just keeps writing to the same spot on the screen.

    I have never used the sprintf function before, so it is giving me some problems.

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    first of all, make sure your char* array is big enough to hold the entire can always over-estimate just in case

    char text_string[30];

    sprintf() is just like printf(), the %d identifier is for signed decimal integer (int), %lf is for doubles I believe..

    sprintf(text_string, "Vertex[%d] = %d", c, vertex[c].excess);

    I have never seen outtextxy() before.. maybe use gotoxy() and another func to print at that location, there may be something about this in the board FAQs

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