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    A simple question


    What does the "*" does when placed after a type?

    For example,

    char* myvar;

    Plus, anyone know of any good c++ reference sites?

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    it is a pointer. it creates an object that points to another object. it has no real value.

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    What is the difference between:

    chr* myvar


    chr *myvar ...

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    there's no difference.....

    compiler knows what you're doing in this case so it doesn't matter how u space out your code....

    (pointer) is designed to hold a memeory address.


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    no point

    like he said theres really no point to it.. but just to tell you.. when you do

    int *variable;

    that declares a pointer like he said (it points to the memory address) now try this declare another variable and have it point to it.

    int varone;
    int *variable;

    variable = &varone;
    cout << variable;

    take a look at what you get!

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    like they said, there isn't a difference, but there is one important fact you need to remember about where the * is placed: before the variable name of each pointer being defined.

    char* x, y;
    x will be a pointer, yet y will be just a char
    if you wanted to create 2 pointers it would look like this
    char* x, *y;
    both x and y are now pointers of type char

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