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    Extracting Characters from String

    Hi All,

    I知 in the process of building a C++ program that prompts the user for two Roman numerals, then prompts the user for an arithmetic operator, then calculates the two Roman numerals.


    For example:


    Enter first Roman numeral:

    // user enters XV, which is 15.

    Enter second Roman numeral:

    // user enters XX, which is 20.

    Enter arithmetic operator:

    // user enter +

    Your answer is: XXXV // which is 35.


    For simplicity purposes I知 listing Roman numerals by highest value to lowest value. Therefore the number four will be represented in the program as IIII, not IV.

    Now, to the problem. After the user enters a Roman numeral I need the program to convert the Roman numeral to a float value in order to perform the calculation; this is what I cannot do. The following is what I知 trying to do in a void function:


    void GetRoman()
    string firstRoman;
    //string secondRoman;
    //char math;
    //int RomanI = 1;
    //int RomanV = 5;
    //int RomanX = 10;
    //int RomanL = 50;
    //int RomanC = 100;
    //int RomanD = 500;
    //int RomanM = 1000;
    int loopCount;
    int loop = 0;
    char ch;

    cout << " Enter first Roman numeral: ";
    cin >> firstRoman;

    loopCount = firstRoman.length();

    while (loop < loopCount)
    loop = loop++;

    getline(cin, firstRoman);


    What I would like to do is start a loop, get the first character of the string 吐irstRoman, read it, then convert it to a float value as listed by the above variables, some of which are commented out.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    void GetRoman()
    string firstRoman;
    int loopCount = 0;
    int first = 0;

    cout << " Enter first Roman numeral: ";
    cin >> firstRoman;

    //change Roman numeral to arabic equivalent.
    while (loopCount < firstRoman.length())
    case 'I':
    first += 1;
    case 'V':
    first += 5;

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    My, this question looks familiar. You didn't happen to post the same thing on did you? If so then I posted a full translation routine for you to play with, all you have to do is perform the arithmetic operation on the results of two calls to the routine.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    Thumbs up Thanks Much!!!!

    switch was the trick. I appreciate it.


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