Thread: Need help with a big project for college.

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    Need help with a big project for college.

    Hi all,

    Just registered, needing some help with a project for college. It's last year's work... so I have forgotten a little bit of the stuff we did last year (had family problems this time last year, which is why I'm doing the work just now).

    I've got to write a program in c++ for a "company". Here's the brief:

    I'm just looking for a few pointers to help me out, as I'm really struggling

    I know I'm probably coming across as some lazy teen who can't be arsed to do the work, but I need to get this done! And I need all the help I can get.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I can't access the dropbox. See if you can post the information clearly using code tags or formatting if necessary. Also, it's customary to tell us how far you've gotten, and what aspects of the problem to be solved are confusing you. At the very least try to draw flowcharts of the decisions your routines will have to make if you don't know how the c++ code should look.
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