Thread: How to know if my exe makes use of DLLs?

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    Question How to know if my exe makes use of DLLs?

    Hi guys,

    Please help...

    I have program which I developed using Vis studio in C++. How can I find out what DLLs my program requires???

    Cheers :-)

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    that makes no sense, how have you developed the program without it's required libraries? You could not have ran it at all.

    What sort of a program is it you have written? is it just a console application? ie opens in a 'DOS ' style window?

    Do you mean the default libraries just to support a basic project? If you start a console application for example your IDE should just link them into your build options for you.

    You will soon know if you try and run it and it says 'error cannot find suchandsucha DLL
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    Quote Originally Posted by strokebow View Post
    How can I find out what DLLs my program requires???
    Check out Dependency Walker; It's awesome.
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    Well, if we're simply talking about a program that uses the C++ standard library, then you would simply need to install the Visual C+++ runtime on the target machine. It will install everything necessary.
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    Microsoft provide a program - free - called listDLLs which lists the DLLs in use by a running process. It means you need to run your program, and it will presumably list standard windows components as well as DLLs you need to distribute.

    Bear in mind that, if your code dynamically loads libraries, it can fool such programs.

    If your program needs Visual C++ runtime, it might be better to look at project/linker options to ensure the runtime is statically linked (so the DLLs are not needed to run it). It depends on how complex you want installation to other computers to be.
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    cheers grumpy and others for suggestions

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    1. Run your program
    2. Open Command Prompt and type "tasklist /m"
    3. Look for your program in the list.

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