Thread: How to read previous line of file?

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    Arrow How to read previous line of file?

    Ok, so I was wondering how would I read a previous line of a file I already read with getline(ifstream_object, buffer_str)?
    I figured seekg(-1, ios_base::cur) might work to step to the position of the previous line, but since I don't have much experience using seekg() and the reference that I read on it didn't mention how the first parameter "streampos off" is calculated (i.e. if its relative to the line read or if its relative to the character position), I figured I would ask here.
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    The easiest way would be to store the previous line as you step through, i.e. read in the current line, and at the end of your loop store curr -> last
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    Obviously it's relative to the current character position, not line.
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    Saving the line as Epy suggests is the simplest thing.

    Or you could do -> istream::tellg - C++ Reference
    streampos pos = fs.tellg();
    // read a line
    fs.seekg(pos, ios::beg);
    // read a line again.
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