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    Smile C/C++ Calender

    I created a C C++ Calender Program
    It is currently hosted on sourceforge
    @ C C++ Calender

    The program has a USERNAME :shivam
    and a PASSWORD:cool

    It is a simple c++ program to do almost all the functions that a calender is used for.The program has been coded by a object oriented way which can easily tweaked. The program is a win32 application without the use of any graphics or databases so that it can be cool and simple
    please have a look
    and drop comments if you liked it
    AND help me improve the code..
    C/C++ Calender-calender-screenshot1-jpg
    C/C++ Calender-calender-screenshot2-jpg
    C/C++ Calender-day2date-jpg
    C/C++ Calender-month-calender-jpg
    C/C++ Calender-month-calender1-jpg

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    > The program has been coded by a object oriented way which can easily tweaked
    Neither of these things are true, in any shape or form.

    You might have named them ".cpp" files, but apart from using cout, there is precious little C++ code here. There certainly isn't any use of classes or data abstraction which would make the "oo way" feasible.

    First, you should learn the concept of passing parameters and returning results. Then you would be able to get rid of the stupid number of global variables you have.

    Second - remove all those label: .. goto loops you have, and replace them with proper while loops.

    		gotoxy(27, 4);	cout<<"Wrong date entered--WAIT";
    		again=1 ;
    Why? What point is there in frustrating the user even more by forcing pointless wait loops.

    4. #include "func.cpp" //Contains all the User-Defined functions accessed in the program
    What you should have is a func.h and func.cpp being compiled separately.
    You just about get away with it with only a couple of files, but when you get to writing programs with 10's (or 1000's) of source files, you need a different approach!

    5. > void main() //using void to cut the crap
    Yeah - riiiigggghhhhtttttt
    If you dance barefoot on the broken glass of undefined behaviour, you've got to expect the occasional cut.
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    On the positive side you have done made a fair job of the display, its nice looking.

    Whats this about? :
    void main() //using void to cut the crap
    This shows a real lack of understanding, you cannot just discount the standard, what is it like: ' standard, smchmandard ' to you ??
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