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    String Conversions

    Hai guys,
    I have to enter a file name from the command prompt. So this file name will go into the program as a string. Now, how can I convert this string into a filename, so that my program will understand that it will have to read from the file name that has been entered on the command line?
    ..\debug>program.exe file.txt
    Thanks Guys.

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    int main ( int argc, char *argv[] ) {
        // filename is in the string which is argv[1]
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    More Information

    Hai Salem,
    Perhaps it would be interesting to know a new piece of Information. The string that gets read in is just a string. This string needs to be converted into a char *[]. So we should use

    string tempFileName = argv[1];
    string fileName = tempFileName.c_str();

    So this fileName is the one that we should be interested in.

    Thanks for your reply though. I just found out this info from my super.


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