Thread: I'm new to progamming. I'm not a student. not hom Just tring to see what i did wrong!

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    Talking I'm new to progamming. I'm not a student. not hom Just tring to see what i did wrong!

    This is my code and i dont know what i did wrong.
    When I run it; It ask for a number the it says the result is celcius.
    If any one can please do. Feel free to try the code your self

    // Conversion - Program to convert temperature from
    //              Fahrenheit degreees into Celcius:
    //              Fahrenheit = Celcius  9/5 + 32 =
    #include <cstdio>
    #include <cstdlib>
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;int main (int nNumberofargs, char* pszArgs [] )
      // enter the tempature in Fahrenheit
      int Fahrenheit;
      cout << "Enter the tepature in Fahrenheit:";
      cin >> Fahrenheit;
      // Use conversion factor for Fahrenheit
      // to Celcius
      int factor;
      factor = 5 + 32 ;
      // use conversion factor to convert Fahrenheit
      // into Celcius values
      int fahrenheit;
      fahrenheit = factor * Fahrenheit/5+32;
      // output the results (followed "by a Newline)
      cout << "Celcius value is:" ;
      cout >> celcius << endl;
      // wait until user is read before terminating program
      // to allow the user see the program results
      return 0;
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    No that's okay, we don't need to try your code. If I couldn't understand exactly what it did by just looking at it then I would not consider myself qualified to help you with it.

    What you are meant to do is explain what the problem is and post the exact compile errors.

    I can see at a glance that you haven't declared a variable called celcius. Instead you have declared two variables called fahrenheit, one with a capital F. You do not need two of them.
    You also have your calculation wrong. You seem to want to convert from F -> C but the formula in your comments is for converting back the other way. You need to apply algebra to rearrange the formula to Celcius = (Fahrenheit - 32) * 5 / 9. You do not need any variable called factor at all.
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    You will also not get very good results using integer math when doing the conversions. When all your values are integer values any fractional value is truncated. Example 1/2 will evaluate to zero, not .5. There are no fractions when using integer math. You should probably change your variables to a floating point type and insure all the constants are floating point by using a decimal point, example 1.0/2.0 would yield a floating point value (.5). I would suggest you use the type double.


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    > cout >> celcius << endl;
    Consistency in >> or << would help.
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    This code is an approximation of an example in the C++ for dummies book, I suggest you properly follow the code in there, the explanation and guide to exercise in the book, though it is possible you found it elsewhere i suppose.
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