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    Jack Turner

    Smile I need a program!

    I need a program that will extrace e-mails from other documents. The program will need to copy the e-mails so that I can use them. I will PayPal anyone who has a decent program $8.00, after I see that the program works correctly.


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    And this program would be used for what? Spamming people?
    Sounds shady to me.

    The program would be fairly simple, maybe you could give it a shot and post the questions you have. That's what this board is for. Not asking people to write programs for you.
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    i'm sure there are programs written for this already. The point being is that this isn't a request for program board...if you want a custom program I would suggest you pay a custom program price.

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    >I will PayPal anyone who has a decent program $8.00, after I
    >see that the program works correctly.
    Just $8.00? For me, custom programs get chalked under the consulting field, seeing as how you aren't my employer. My consulting fee is $150 per hour, and most rent-a-coder's will say something similar for any real application. Programming isn't an easy job, and software costs money to make because of that. You'd be better off searching for a pre-written program that does what you want or do it yourself.

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    rentacoder is actually pretty darn cheap. I see custom programs that would take me a day to write being quoted for 10-15 $, I would be suprised if your simple program would cost you more. It is mostly students from India or Pakistan trying to make a living..kinda sad.

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    also has a rent-a-coder thing going on too...

    yeah, like everybody else says, this board is for people trying to find out what's wrong with their code or sharing their code and techniques(sp?) with others.

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