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Then in the main I made 4 HighElf Dwarf human and ork and have them being able to access everything in player. But how would I present a choice, as in when the game loads up you have 4 characters to choose from. All with different attributes?
Well, you could have a ChooseChar function, in which it gets the players choice, and depending on that choice sets the attributes.
like, for example:

int agility;
int strength;
ChooseChar ()
   enum Race (orc, human, elf);
   Race choice;
   //get choice
       switch (choice)
       case orc:
         agility = 3;
         strength = 10;
       case human:
         agility = 5;
         strength = 5;
       case elf:
         agility = 8;
         strength = 4;
Player player (strength, agility); //create player with attributes
or something like that.