Thread: Load values from end of file (exe)

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    Load values from end of file (exe)


    I'm writing an application which saving some values to EXE file.
    I wrote 'SaveToEXE' function.

    Now I've got a problem.
    How to read saved values in EXE file? Values are stored at the end of the file. How to read this string:

    Load values from end of file (exe)-generator-jpg

    I found the function LoadFromEXE, but in Delphi:

    FUNCTION LoadFromFile(FName: string): string;
    F: File of Byte;
    I: Integer;
    Result := '';
    AssignFile(F, FName);
    FileMode := fmOpenRead;
    Seek(F, FileSize(F) - SizeOf(I));
    BlockRead(F, I, SizeOf(I));
    if (I < SizeOf(I)) or (I > FileSize(F)) then
    Seek(F, FileSize(F) - I);
    SetLength(Result, I - SizeOf(I));
    BlockRead(F, Result[1], Length(Result));
    XXX := Result;
    How to do it in C++?

    // Sorry for my english.

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    If you're just learning C++ perhaps you should start on something a little easier. However, since the exe file is just a file, you could open it (in binary mode) and either seek to a fixed number of bytes from the end (easiest) or seek to the end and search backwards for a delimiter to find your data. But why would you want to do this anyway?

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    What does SaveToEXE look like? Knowing will make it a lot easier to getLoadFromEXE correct.
    Also, do you know about program resources? They are the correct way to deal with this kind of thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oogabooga View Post
    But why would you want to do this anyway?
    You'd want to do it if you're writing a virus that appends its own code and resources to the end of an executable.
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