Thread: Mathematics program - need help

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    Mathematics program - need help

    Hey guys!
    I've just started programming and I want to be able to write a program which will be able to find all solutions to equations like the following:
    a+b+c+d=22. where a, b, c & d are positive integers<17
    Im not too sure how to start off etc. Would someone be able to help me???

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    Look up loops.
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    I'm sure somebody would be able to help you if you asked a specific questions. This is more like, "I've just started engineering and I want to be able to build a car engine like the following: (some random specification). Would someone be able to help me?"

    What answer to that would you expect?
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    Start by getting a good book on c++.
    It is too clear and so it is hard to see.
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