Thread: save output file to excel format

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    im not sure...any examples?

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    What do you need examples for? You have already shown in your code that you know how to write information to your file. Now you need to figure out what you want to write to your file and try writing this to your file.


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    Actually I think You SHOULD go for JAVA for excel file manipulation.
    Java has jxl library API downloadable from internet and also it has newly launched Excel API by APACHE.

    These are very powerful APIs and can save u a lot of time.

    Quote Originally Posted by imjustnew View Post
    Hi im a new learner on c++ and i need help on how to save the output file in Excel format? any examples can be shown?

    All helps are highly appreciated. thanks

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    oh yes now i get it.... i must write myfile command infront of the result ... sorry giving u hard time to explain..

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