Thread: Cursor/Mouse Position and Type - Platform independent?

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    Cursor/Mouse Position and Type - Platform independent?


    I originally posted this into the C programming forum, but i do not think anyone knows how to do it just using C. So, i am here.. in the c++ programming forum hoping to have better luck.

    I want to make a program that outputs Pointer(mouse) position and what type it is (arrow, text[I], moving cross, etc...)

    What i have been seeing everything is platform dependent, but i would like to make this program run on linux and windows. But, if i did have to choose one, i would pick linux.

    I have looked a little bit into xlib, but it is a little confusing and i can not figure out how to get the "type" of cursor.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    ncurses. There are ports for nearly all linux/unix systems, and windows. this would be your best bet for a cross-platform, portable solution.

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