Thread: 64 bit computer, 64 bit VC++ express 2010, then why?

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    64 bit computer, 64 bit VC++ express 2010, then why?

    I am running into this issue:

    warning : Platform 'x64' referenced in the project file 'xyz' cannot be found. Please make sure you have it installed under '%VCTargetsPath%\Platforms\x64'.

    I had tried the same project/solution and it ran just fine in another computer that also had windows 7 64 bit, but a full version Visual Studio 2010 64 bit.

    Now on this other computer, I'm trying to run the same program with Visual C++ 2010 express but get that error. What's more, my solution is, by default set on the configuration manager to x64, not win32. However, I can't open the project properties unless it's set to win32, otherwise it says "unknown error" on a pop up error message. Any idea is to be done? Anything I could add?

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    Correction: I am not even entire sure what this Visual C++ express 2010 version is. I thought it was x64 but I went back to the page I got it from (Visual C++ 2010 Express | Microsoft Visual Studio) and it doesn't specify, just says it's available for both...

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    The 64-bit compiler is an optional component. If you did not deliberately install it, it ain't there.
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    Of course! I just double checked and that was the difference. The full version of Visual Studio 2010 does have the 64 bit compiler. VC++ express only comes with x86. Thanks!

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    you can download the platform SDK for x64 from microsoft.

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