Thread: How to install a library?

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    Question How to install a library?

    I am looking to install 'ncurses' and 'Qt' on my Ubuntu system. I have looked all over the Internet for instructions, and I could not understand the documentation. Could someone please explain to me how to work with external libraries? A good tutorial to them, just in case I get them installed would help, too. Thank you!

    Edit: In case anyone wanted to know why, I am trying to learn GUI programming, and I am also looking for an alternative to 'conio.h', which is not available in Linux.
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    You should be able to use your package manager to install both the ncurses and QT libraries. Make sure you also install the development packages if available.


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    Depending on the version of Ubuntu, you may not find it them by searching in the "Software Center".
    Try searching in the Synaptic Package Manager in that case.

    (If you want to build the libraries from source yourself, it is much more complicated ...and the instructions for it 'should' come with the package you've downloaded)

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