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    Simple encryption program

    Hello guys, i've got to write a simple encryption program whitch should change letters in words. In one file are words and in other should be a somthing like: A;1, B;2, C;3 etc.
    And program should get the words from input file -> change letters as is it set in file with encryption codes -> and make output file!

    Any ideas how can i make it?

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    since you posted in the C++ forum, I'd suggest you start by downloading and a C++ compiler and IDE (they are not the same thing). create a new project, and in your code, open the two input files and the output file. for each letter in the input file, look up the numeric value it should have from the translation file, and then write the translated value to the output file.

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    Use a map<char,char> to store the cypher read from the file. Open the clear text file and loop char-by-char outputting what you've read into the map for that given character.
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