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    compiler working

    I am using windows 7.I have downloaded compiler from the website
    I have also installed it.You have given some instructions for installing it in your website.I have followed those instructions.But i am not able to operate with that compiler.Can I have your contact number please.

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    Oh don't be so silly, contact number? You have an internet connection, that is how these things work, there is no customer support for free downloads in this sense, the support comes from the contributors and users of the software. This is a collaborative forum, the idea is you simply post your questions and problems and then you get replies, then you fix your problems based on the information received.
    A starting point in this process is you posting good quality information in order to allow us to help you more effectively.
    In your case this information should include at least:
    The NAME of the compiler or IDE you have downloaded...!
    The exact problem that you are experiencing. any error messages etc?
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