Thread: Reflexxes motion library - help me figure it out

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    Reflexxes motion library - help me figure it out

    So i am fairly new to programing and have never used c++, used c# and VB so far.
    To make this short, i am trying to figure out how to use this, like actually compiling something that i can see, there are 5 examples on the web page.

    What i have now is a stream of coordinates from a sensor, which should be input, not sure about velocity should i calc it on my own and send it or is it calculated within the lib.

    I have almost given up hope on this, so i am asking here for help.

    Reflexxes motion library homepage

    I am not sure if i should explain what this is supposed to do as it is writen on the web page and i know only what is there, however if you need any info about it if i know i ll be happy to provide

    If you need any additional information on this i will be more than happy to provide it.
    I have no idea even where to start on this one so any help is welcome.
    NOTE: i am using VS 2010.

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    > What i have now is a stream of coordinates from a sensor ..
    Ok.. I'm considering that it is in the format : x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2 .............xt yt zt....
    And the difference between each input time is constant...Let it be t.
    So..using a bit of common sense.. the individual components of the velocity can be obtained by .. "Vi = ( i(t) - i(t-1) ) / t "

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    Hi NinjaZec,

    I guess you are talking about the target velocity vector. In the most simple case, you leave this vector zero all the time. This way, the Reflexxes Motion Library will always generate a smooth trajectory to reach the desired target pose. In a more advanced scenario, if your target poses are computed based on a set of sensor signals, you can apply an estimation method (e.g., a Kalman-filter-based approach) to estimate the velocity vector of the target pose. This vector can then be used as a desired target velocity vector for the Reflexxes Motion Library.


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