Thread: Graph planarization by boost library

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    Graph planarization by boost library

    Hello, dear programmers community.

    I very need your help, in advance sorry for my bad english.

    I try to get planar coords from my graph from function
    but it calls System.AccessViolationException at the 125 line of file chrobak_payne_drawing.hpp:
     delta_x[v3] = 1;
    I give below my code:
    //Initialize the interior edge index                  property_map<graph, edge_index_t>::type e_index = get(edge_index, bmTG);
                      graph_traits<graph>::edges_size_type edge_count = 0;
                      graph_traits<graph>::edge_iterator ei, ei_end;
                      for(tie(ei, ei_end) = edges(bmTG); ei != ei_end; ++ei)
                        put(e_index, *ei, edge_count++);
                     typedef std::vector< graph_traits<graph>::edge_descriptor > vec_t;
                     std::vector<vec_t> embedding2(num_vertices(bmTG));
                      embedding_storage_t embedding_storage(num_vertices(bmTG));
                     embedding_t embedding(embedding_storage.begin(), get(vertex_index,bmTG));
                      if(boyer_myrvold_planarity_test(boyer_myrvold_params::graph = bmTG,boyer_myrvold_params::embedding = &embedding2[0])) {
                         label1->Text = "Planar";
                         // Find a canonical ordering
                          typedef std::vector<graph_traits<graph>::vertex_descriptor> 
                            ordering_storage_t ordering;
                          make_biconnected_planar(bmTG, &embedding2[0]);
                          make_maximal_planar(bmTG, &embedding2[0]);
                          planar_canonical_ordering(bmTG, &embedding2[0], std::back_inserter(ordering));
                          //Set up a property map to hold the mapping from vertices to coord_t's
                          typedef std::vector< coord_t > straight_line_drawing_storage_t;
                          typedef boost::iterator_property_map
                            < straight_line_drawing_storage_t::iterator, 
                              property_map<graph, vertex_index_t>::type 
                          straight_line_drawing_storage_t straight_line_drawing_storage
                          straight_line_drawing_t straight_line_drawing
                          graph_traits<graph>::vertex_iterator vi, vi_end;
                          for(tie(vi,vi_end) = vertices(bmTG); vi != vi_end; ++vi)
                              coord_t coord(get(straight_line_drawing,*vi));
                              this->gI->planarCoord(coord.x, coord.y, *vi);
                     else {
                         label1->Text = "Not planar";
    Where bmTG - my Graph.

    before using this code, I surely fill the graph..

    Please help me with my problem, I am desperate and can not understand the reason for the critical error .. If you do not have too much trouble, give an example of code that will be 100% faithful gave the coordinates for the vertices of the graph, if it is planar, otherwise did not do anything that is not cause critical errors in any case.

    I almost forgot, I'm using visual studio 2010

    In advance, very big thanks!
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    And examples.

    On this graph i have critical error:
    Graph planarization by boost library-1grb-jpg

    but this graph sucessfuly planiarized:
    Graph planarization by boost library-2gr-jpg

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