Thread: Homework Help jumped from C to this in 1 week

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    Homework Help jumped from C to this in 1 week

    I need to create a C++ program that looks like this and I need some help on where to start I am taking an internet course on C programming and we are near the end of the semester and we started on C++ and the book sucks I was sick and am behind but this is what we have to do. The circle diagram did not print out but I hope you get the point and can point me to a tutorial or give me some hints. I need this done by December 15.
    C++ Program The Right Triangle Class

    sin2 Θ+ cos2 Θ = 1
    Create the class, RtTriangle, that contains the following:

    • Variable attribute acuteAngle (identifiedas Θ indiagram)
    • Calculated variable attribute acuteAngle2 (which will be 90 - acuteAngle).
    • Calculated variables radAngle and radAngle2.
    • Methods getAngle, setAngle2, setRad, and reportTrigFunc.

    1. Write the code for the methods:

    getAngle asks the user to enter (a new value of) the acuteAngle.
    This angle will be entered in degrees and must be within the range 0 <
    acuteAngle < 90
    Do not allow invalid values.

    setAngle2 calculates second acute angle of the right triangle, acuteAngle2, (in degrees).
    setRad, converts each acute angle from degrees to radians creating radAngle and radAngle2.
    Since 2 π = 360 degrees - the following conversion will be useful:
    Conversion: 1 degree = π / 180 radians

    reportTrigFunc, calculates the cosine, sine and tangent of each acute angle and prints them to the screen for the user.

    1. Create a program to test the class RtTraingle.

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    Start by making the class, since that is the entirety of your homework.

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    Relevant. You missed the girlie nickname though.

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    Find a book that doesn't suck?
    goto( comeFrom() );

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    > I need this done by December 15.
    Then you have plenty of time to get some solid reading done, and start to try a few ideas out.

    I would suggest you post your first attempt at the weekend so we can see how you're getting on and push you in the right direction if need be.
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    Thanks I will I am trying to get this done and two other assignments because I had the flu and this programming class is moving faster than any class I have had a program is due every week so I was out for 1 week and its like I missed two but I will try to get it done by this week end

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