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    Binary Tree header file

    I am creating a binary tree header file, but only using class (not struct). This is what I have but I get an error and I don't understand how to fix it. Error:
    Main.cpp: In function `int main(int, char **)':

    BinaryTree.h:21: `class binaryTree::node * binaryTree::root' is private
    Main.cpp:12: within this context
    BinaryTree.h:21: `class binaryTree::node * binaryTree::root' is private
    Main.cpp:15: within this context

    using namespace std;
    #ifndef BINARYTREE_H
    #define BINARYTREE_H
    class binaryTree
         class node
            int data;
            node *left;
            node *right;
            void addNode(int key, node *n);
      node *root; // the root
      void inorder(node *n);
       void binaryTree::addNode(int key, node *n);
      void addNode(int key);
      int getHeight(node *n);
      node getRoot();
      binaryTree(int data);

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    Showing us Main.cpp would probably be a good first step

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    It appears that you're trying to use root from main instead of calling getRoot() like you're supposed to.
    However getRoot is a little broken at the moment. It needs to return a pointer.
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