Thread: I need help or clues on how to build an array in C++?

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    I need help or clues on how to build an array in C++?

    This program was design to simulate an ATM machine and so far it works.
    I realize i need other aspects in this program to be more life like
    for EX. I need to build an array that when I punch in a pin number the persons name assigned to that pin will pop up with the available balance already stored inside the array and what ever the withdraw amount it will subtract from that balance and what ever deposit amount it will add to that balance.

    I've added to the original simplified version of the program but I'm stuck on the Arrays.

    Does any body have any clues????

    #include <iostream>
    #include <string>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
    float Available_Balance [15];
    string NAME [21];
    int DebitCardPin[4];
    double Balance = 0;
    double Withdraw_Amount = 0;
    double Deposit_Amount = 0;
    int  Balance, Withdraw, Deposit;	
    int Option;
    char Cancel;
    Balance = 1;
    Withdraw = 2;
    Deposit = 3;
    Cancel = 4;
    Option = 1,2,3, 4;
    cout<<"Please enter your Pin Number :\n";cin>>DebitCardPin; 
    cout<<"Please choose an option :\n"<<endl;
    cout<<"Enter: (1)-Balance, (2)-Withdraw, (3)-Cancel : \n"; cin>> Option;
    	if (Option == 1)
    		cout<<"Your Available Balance Is: \n";
    		if (Option == 2)
    			cout<<"Please enter amount:\n"<<endl;
    			cout<<"please wait while we process you Transaction"<<endl;
    		if (Option == 3)
    				 cout<<"Transaction cancled"<<endl;
    				 cout<<"\nHave a nice day";
        }while (Option!=Cancel);
    		return 0;
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    Since you're using C++, you could easily use a map.
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    This sounds like something that would be easier to do with something other than mentioned above, you could use a map.

    You could do a struct of users. Each user would have a balance and a pin. When the pin is entered, you could search an array of the structs for the pin and then access the account like that.

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    Option = 1,2,3, 4;
    What is that?... Make up your mind.

    You can't get input into an array of integers. You can only get input into the separate integers of the array themselves.

    In an array int array[4]; the ints are array[0], array[1], array[2] and array[3]. Four integers, in an array with an index starting at 0.
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    Few other thins:
    1) you presuably want to use else if(condition) for all of your alternative options. This could also be done with a switch statement.
    2) The way you are using Balance, Withdraw, Deposit and Cancel, you should make them part of an enum:
    enum options{
    3) you should indent your code better. You want to increase the intend each time you enter a block, and decrease it every time you exit one.
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