Thread: Seeking help identifying software development security tool

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    Seeking help identifying software development security tool


    First, my apologies if you feel this is a mispost or that I’ve invaded the wrong “realm” (please don’t flame me Also, this is posted to the C forum as well). I chose this forum (along with a few others) because I am seeking help from the C/C++ programming community. I am open to suggestions of places that might be better to seek this kind of help.

    I am involved with a stealth–mode startup and have been asked by my engineering staff to help them locate a particular kind of software development security tool for their C/C++ programming efforts. There is a mission to protect our intellectual property above and beyond licensing and activation requirements/restrictions. My engineering team has mentioned features that would include tamper-proofing, obfuscation, watermarking, among others. I’m a noob at this and still learning. However, I interpret this as an effort to protect our executable code.

    I would be very grateful for any help (and time) you can offer. I’ve created a short set of questions (I tend to like to be organized the answers to which would be a great help. However, I’m also very accepting of more “free form” responses, as well. You can reply to this post either publicly or privately (if that capability exists).
    Again, thank you for your time and any insight you can offer. If my research results in any information different from what I receive here, I’ll be happy to come back and post those results. Or, you can contact me directly and I’ll forward on a copy of my results.



    1. What are the top 3 products/companies you considered for this software development security tool, the top 2 or 3 features you liked about the product (or company), and why?
    1A. Product/Company 1:
    Feature 1:
    Feature 2:
    Feature 3:
    1B. Product/Company 2:
    Feature 1:
    Feature 2:
    Feature 3:
    1C. Product/Company 3:
    Feature 1:
    Feature 2:
    Feature 3:

    2. If you purchased the product, are you willing to share pricing information?
    2A. Product purchased:
    2B. Price: per (1 seat, 5 seats, 10 seats, unlimited, etc.)

    3. If you purchased the product, did it:
    3A. Exceed expectations: ( ) Yes ( ) No Why:
    3B. Meet expectations: ( ) Yes ( ) No
    3C: Fail to meet expectations: ( ) Yes ( ) No Why:

    4. For those products you did not select, what are the top 3 reasons you did not select them (and was there a common reason among a number of the products)?
    4A. Reason 1:
    4B. Reason 2:
    4C. Reason 3:

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