Okay, here is a program that I have created:

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <ctime>
using namespace std;
// A time and date output manipulator.
ostream &td(ostream &stream)
  struct tm *localt;
  time_t t;
  t = time(NULL);
  localt = localtime(&t);
  stream << asctime(localt) << endl;
  return stream;
class Noun {
int main()
    string Input;
  cout << td << '\n';
  cout << "Please input a comment: ";
  getline (cin, Input );
  string qTokenize(Input);
  string qDelim(" ");
  string::size_type qStart(0);
  string::size_type qEnd;
  qEnd = qTokenize.find_first_of(qDelim, qStart);
  while (qEnd != string::npos) {
  cout << qTokenize.substr(qStart, qEnd - qStart) << endl;
  qStart = qEnd + 1;
  qEnd = qTokenize.find_first_of (qDelim, qStart);
cout << qTokenize.substr(qStart) << endl;
if ( qTokenize.substr(qStart) == Noun ) {
cout << "Do you need help with your account?";
else {
    return 0;

I've been interested in a Artificial Program I thought of making for my own benefits.. but I'm having some trouble. I am no good when it comes to classes. I barely understand how to use them, even though I have read through, what seems like thousands, of articles and tutorials online. I wanted to create a class called "Nouns", so like this..

class Nouns
and I wanted to put in some noun words in this class. I wanted to define every noun word with a special number so when the program reads input, and spots this special number attached to a certain word, it will know it is a noun. So for example:

all noun words = 000000020;

but I have no idea how to do this? I don't know if it's even possible for the program to allow it? I think what I'm getting into now is something called "Hex" numbers right? If so, can any one give me some back ground info on it or a link to a good site.. and not just that, but also explain how I could use hex numbers for my noun class ?

Please and thank you so much for who ever can help me out!