Thread: Determining whether the set is reflexive, symmetric, anti symmetric and transtitive

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    Don't declare new variables a,b - this is only confusing, use a[i] and b[i] directly.
    Anyway I don't understand what you try to accomplish.
    Let's try a new thing, leave writing code, describe your algorithm to find reflexive set in words (no code), I believe the algorithm you have in mind isn't good.
    Then we will implement it.

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    set hold to true
    for each index i
    set a = A[i]
    set b = B[i]
    set hold to false
    for each index j
    if A[j] is b
    if B[j] is a
    set hold to true
    if hold is false
    print "Reflexive - No"
    if hold is true
    print "Reflexive - Yes"

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