Thread: i dont know where to start!!!

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    i dont know where to start!!!

    i have this program assignment and i dont know how to approach it:

    Golden Strings can be defined by the following (recursive) scheme.
    G0= “a”; G1=”b”; and
    Gk = Gk-1 + Gk-2; for k>=2.

    Thus, G2 = G1 + G0 = “b” + “a” = “ba”,
    G3 = G2 + G1 = “ba” + “b” = “bab”,
    And, G4 = G3 + G2 = “bab” + “ba” = “babba”,

    Write a program that will print G10.

    Now i know i can do a while or a for loop...

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    > Gk = Gk-1 + Gk-2; for k>=2.
    Looks just like this -> Fibonacci number - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The internet is knee-deep in recursive Fibonacci implementations.
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