Thread: Trying to make a checkers game..

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    Trying to make a checkers game..

    Hi, I'm trying to make a checkers game and at the moment I have all the pieces shown on the board and you can move them around freely, but I'm having trouble thinking of how to get it to A) make the players take turns (they're both human players) and B)restrict the movement to 2 diagonal blocks left our right.

    So if anyone could tell me how to proceed or point me in the direction of a good site explaining how it would be much appreciated.

    It would probably help to post some of my code but I'm that stuck I don't have a clue which part to show you!

    Thanks if anyone can help.

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    Can nobody shed any light on this?

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    Well a very simple alternating player loop is this, which simply toggles 0,1,0,1,0,1 ad nauseum
    int player = 0;
    do {
      player ^= 1;
    } while ( 1 );
    As for diagonals, you only have 4 directions from a given point

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    Those sound like the same kind of issues I solved when making a checkers Starcraft2 map.
    What are you using to make your version?
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