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    help convert code to C++...

    Hi, i need some help convert my C# code to building a DLL file and the function to be exported...i believe there is something like __declspec(dllexport) but i do not know how to use it. Here is my code.

    using System;using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Text;
    using Microsoft.Web.Services3.Security.Tokens;
    using Microsoft.Web.Services3.Security;
    using Microsoft.Web.Services3;
    using System.Web.Services;
    using System.Web.Services.Protocols;
    namespace ClassLibrarySetupProcess
        public class Class1
            public string callSetup(string msisdn, string contractid, string customerid, string accountind, string customercode)
                DateTime dt = DateTime.Now;
                string datestr = String.Format("{0:yyMMddHHmmss}", dt);
               SetupService.SetupServiceService x = new  SetupService.SetupServiceService();
                SoapContext mycon = x.RequestSoapContext;
                UsernameToken tok = new UsernameToken("MGR1", "mg01Ch", PasswordOption.SendHashed);
                SetupService.SetupServiceRequest mpInput = new SetupService.SetupServiceRequest();
                mpInput .ReferenceID = datestr + msisdn;
                mpInput .ChannelID = "CSSMBT";
                mpInput .ChannelMedia = "TTIVR";
                mpInput .TicklerIndicator = "2";
                mpInput .MSISDN = msisdn;
                mpInput .ContractID = contractid;
                mpInput .CustomerID = customerid;
                mpInput .CustomerCode = customercode;
                mpInput .AccountIndicator = accountind;
                mpInput .TicklerCode = "MBTFTP";
                mpInput .TicklerStatus = "NOTE";
                mpInput .TicklerShortDesc = "CLOVA VIA IVR";
                mpInput .TicklerLongDesc = "Temporary Unavailable";
                mpInput .TicklerPriority = "5";
                SetupService.SetupServiceResponse wseOutput = x.SetupService(wseInput);
                return mpInput.TransactionID + "|" + mpInput.ReferenceID + "|" + mpInput.ResultStatus.StatusCode + "|" + mpInput.ResultStatus.ErrorCode + "|" + mpInput.ResultStatus.ErrorDescription;

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    So do you have an attempt at writing the C++ equivalent code?

    Because most of it seems to be a lot of simple string manipulation, which you ought to be able to have a stab at doing yourself.
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    yeah i were trying to write in C++ using visual studio 2005..but i have no idea hows the C++ works o.O

    new project > Class Library' project or 'Win32 Console -> DLL' project? What .h file used for? and where should I put the __declspec(dllexport)? could somebody help guide me please...

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