Thread: plz help me to solve this c++ program

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    plz help me to solve this c++ program

    make a program to calculate bills of users catagories gold , silver & copper:gold caller have to pay (w+x+y+z)*1000 andsilver users have to pay (w+x+y+z)*500 for first 200 calls and Rs. 1 for each additional calls andcopper user have to pay Rs. 5 for each call? where w, x,y,z are any intergers.c++ mein bunana hai by using condtional statment

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    Please have a look at our Homework Policy.

    This site is about learning. Give it a try, when you get stuck come here and post your best attempt so we can help you.

    You will get more helpful answers if your posts consist of complete, grammatically correct english sentences. Communicating in Google-Translator-Style english across language barriers is frustrating at best.

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