Thread: What kind of data structure I should to use?

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    What kind of data structure I should to use?

    Hey, I wonder which data structure I should use to have faster transferring of letters in string.
    For example : I've got two words „GHIJ” and „IGHJ” and my job is changing adjacent letters in first word to make a second word.
    So next steps of my program are:
    1. start : GHIJ
    2. 1st operation : GIHJ
    3. 2nd operation : IGHJ
    But number of operations can reduce to:
    1. start: GHIJ
    2. 1st operation: IGHJ
    So at the beginning of word I moved 'I', automatically 2 letters after 'I' I moved one position forward.
    Does the best solution of problem like this is two-way list or is there any other way to make it faster?

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    Since you are only swapping elements, I'd say you don't need anything besides a vector.
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    Yeah, just stick to strings. Words are too short for anything more complicated to bring any benefit.

    It's always possible to reorder any string using adjacent swaps, but I don't understand why you would want to. Are you trying to generate anagrams?
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