Thread: Pretty New coder - Is this possible/Hinters

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    Pretty New coder - Is this possible/Hinters

    So yeah I'm a fairly new coder but I'm trying to learn to do some various things.
    I can't find any straight forward answers to this anywhere else on the internet but I was wondering if my idea was possible before I spend time on it, and if possible could anyone give me hinters as to where to go.

    I want a program that can run in the background, and when I press designated keys on the keyboard, the cursor will move to a position on the screen that I have set.

    Thanks in advance

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    Anything is possible, including this, but this not trivial to implement in C++. You'd have to consider operating system and then learn a lot about it to make this happen.

    For this specific project, I'd recommend using an interface written specifically for this type of thing. I'd recommend checking out AutoIt, it's pretty straightforward and does things like this easily.

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    I recommend AutoHotkey.
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