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    Book Recommendations


    I know theres a sticky at the top of the page, but I thought i'd ask anyway, in case of newer titles etc.

    I'm looking to begin learning C++ properly (ive tinkered in the past, nothing major), leaning towards the aspect of game development (opengl/d3d). Obviously its going to take some time to get from step 1 to step 2, but id like to know from others on here for up-to-date books available from, which are still relevant with programming "these days". I've set myself a budget of roughly 100 or so to spend on books, to get me started, so open to all suggestions on getting the ball rolling.


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    Yes, we do have a "book" thread. You should probably read it and then get accelerated C++ for starters, and see how you get on with it.
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    Yeah tbh, I jumped straight to the final page and noted that the last post was in 2010. As there been no other book releases since then? Revised editions etc? Just trying to make an informed decision on what to buy rather than dumping a lot of money on material that is no longer relevent or obsolete practices.

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    just because something wasn't written less than a week ago doesn't make it outdated...
    In fact the older works are probably better than the very latest because they'll have been corrected over time, had errors removed, and if they're still around today are probably less sensitive to hype than the one day flies that pop up one moment only to be disregarded and discontinued right after you've invested heavily in them.

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    Like Salem said, Accelerated C++. Still one of the best beginner books available.
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    You mean it's included as a crutch to help ancient programmers limp along without them having to relearn too much.

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    Thanks for the replies.
    What i actually meant by up-to-date books was just as was said, updated revisions. For example I see that Accelerated C++ was published in 2000, are there no recent revisions of it? I've been unable to find any information on that on Amazon or anything so i'll assume they haven't.
    I'll go ahead and take a look at this book. Thanks for the help, and im sure you'll find me nagging for help at some point along the way .

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