Thread: Hi, I am learning c and write this. could you please help me what is wrong s

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    Hi, I am learning c and write this. could you please help me what is wrong s

    int TV, DVD, MP3, SET; /* Tanımlamalar */

    printf("Satılan TV adedi?");
    scanf("%d", &TV);

    printf("Satılan DVD adedi?");
    scanf("%d", &DVD);

    printf("Satılan MP3 adedi?");
    scanf("%d", &MP3);

    printf("Satılan SET adedi?");
    scanf("%d", &SET);

    int TVTOTAL=TV*570;
    printf("TOPLAM FİYAT TV: %d\n", TVTOTAL);
    scanf("%d", &TVTOTAL);

    int DVDTOPLAM=DVD*180;
    printf("TOPLAM FİYAT DVD: %d\n", DVDTOPLAM);
    scanf("%d", &DVDTOPLAM);

    int MP3TOTAL=MP3*70;
    printf("TOPLAM FİYAT MP3: %d\n", MP3TOTAL);
    scanf("%d", &MP3TOTAL);

    int SETTOTAL=SET*350;
    printf("TOPLAM FİYAT SET: %d\n", SETTOTAL);
    scanf("%d", &SETTOTAL);

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    first, you need to realize that C and C++ are not the same language, and choose a forum accordingly.

    second, it's unclear what you are trying to do with this program. what is your expected output? what errors are you getting?

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    First. Remember to use [ CODE ] tags with your source. I've noticed people saying that they won't even reply to messages that don't use these tags correctly. Also, why are you getting more input for a variable that you just assigned something to? What exactly is happening with the program? Besides the input for no reason, it works fine to me.

    EDIT:: Also this isn't C+ - nvm beaten.
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