Thread: Data types in Embedded C++

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    Data types in Embedded C++

    I have this code:

    Edit_SetText(hctl_data, (LPTSTR)SCNBUF_GETDATA(lpScanBuffer));

    Edit_SetText have parameters type HWND y LPTSTR, (LPTSTR) convert to LPTSTR the content of SCNBUF_GETDATA(lpScanBuffer)

    I need convert the content of SCNBUF_GETDATA(lpScanBuffer) to CHAR type, in order to use in the command fputs(), I mut use (CHAR) before ?? (I try this and gives me a en error)

    any suggestion??

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    Casts don't convert anything at all when you're dealing with pointers.

    char *p = "1234";

    int *q = (int*)p;
    doesn't make *q magically return the numeric value 1234.

    You need to find some appropriate conversion function, which takes a TSTR and returns a char pointer.
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    OK, thanks for your answer

    in "Edit_SetText(hctl_data, (LPTSTR)SCNBUF_GETDATA(lpScanBuffer));"

    what (LPTSTR) does over SCNBUF_GETDATA(lpScanBuffer) ?
    can you explain to me, or advice me a doc to learn about, I'm a VFP programmer, I need to modify this code in c++ in order to make functional a data collector.

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    LPTSTR is a typedef for some pointer to some string. But a pointer is a variable that points to some location and the type tells the compiler how to interpret the data. Casting to another pointer type simply changes how the compiler interprets the data. It does not actually change any of the data stored (ie, convert it to another type)!
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