Thread: How did u learn C++?

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    Question How did u learn C++?

    hey guys,
    i think i might have found an interest in c++ programming, but i was wondering how you all learnt it, and are most of you programmers or do you have other jobs?


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    you learn C++ like anything else.

    1. download free online tutorials

    2. buy a book

    3. or, take a class

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    Re: How did u learn C++?

    Originally posted by Unregistered
    hey guys,
    i think i might have found an interest in c++ programming, but i was wondering how you all learnt it, and are most of you programmers or do you have other jobs?

    >>how you all learnt it

    i started with the nifty tutorials on this site (great tutorials, btw, thanks whoever made them),

    >>are most of you programmers or do you have other jobs?

    yes. I am a programmer. I dont work as a programmer. It is possible to be a programmer without working as one. Maybe rephrase your question.

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    learned from books and gained expertise while programming....

    don't limit yourself to one book though.... read few, experience different points of view by different people and afterwards develop yourown....

    getting a job as a programmer......hmmm... without school and degree, as well as some kind of experience is tough, but not impossible...

    good luck


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    I learned seaching around the internet. You'll find a lot of stuff searching in or (yes gamedev does have an internal search engine, its under the articles section)

    I might take some classes this summer, but most classes are too basic.

    Message boards are a great source of info too. If you are going to go into any game development go to or if you are willing to pay money, buy books. Books got more info than the internet usually. And most of them are more specified at certain subjects, like Special Effects, RPG's, and AI.

    Trial and error teaches you a lot. Even if you don't think something will work, try it out. Ceruiosity never killed the cat.

    And as he said do not just look at one book. That goes for sites too. Don't just go to, go to, or even gamasutra.

    Another word of advise: Skim through all the tutorials on this site. Then go through and really read and concentrate on every tutorial, except the advanced ones. Don't stop reading until you understand each and every tutorial. Not all at once though of course.

    No I do not work as a programmer.

    PS: Unregistered, I think he meant who works as a programmer as a profession.
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    Most of use (including me) are to young to have jobs as programmers (going by the profiles ive looked at most pll are 15-16yrs)
    VC++ 6

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    well im taking computer science 1 AP in high school (10th) right now, and plan on going through CompSci 3.

    I also go around on the net looking for tutorials. I found that going through examples of a technique used in a program helps me learn it. for example:
    the best things in life are simple.

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    Hah, I wish my school had comp classes. The extent our school goes to is html, powerpoint, and flash in a communications (joke) class.

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    I am taking a class in college. I am working towards a Business Administration Computer Information Systems degree. I will be working as a computer programmer.

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    >but i was wondering how you all learnt it,

    - Get some good books on C++ to get theoretical knowledge
    - Work on C++ projects to get experience
    - Talk with other programmers to learn more

    >and are most of you programmers or do you have other jobs?

    I'm working as a programmer.

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    I don't work as a programmer yet, but from the ones I know, I'd caution against putting all your eggs in developing games, at least as a career. Sure, there are jobs in game development, but the vast majority of applications are for much less flashy purposes. I live in a small town, maybe not representative, but the main C++ programming company here works in medical fields, writing things like IV drip monitoring programs.

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    you'd have to be lucky to get a permenant job as a game programmer. If you want to do computers, I would do something else as a side-job, maybe fixing computers or something.

    Programming jobs tend not to be reliable.

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