Thread: Will Dev-C++ work with XP?

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    Will Dev-C++ work with XP?

    Tried to do a search on this. Just wondering if XP is to far from DOS to work. Got 98 and looking to install XP.

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    the compiler will run, yes, but what are you going to compile with it? If you are doing a DOS program it may not work, not the compiler the compiled program. I don't own XP so I don't know which DOS programs work and which ones don't.

    One thing I do know is the DOS programs in XP has major sound problems.

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    I wouldn't say anthing runs in windows XP but thats just my oppinion.

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    Yes, it will. The console applications that MinGW (the default compiler) creates will work. If you're using true a DOS compiler, then you might have problems. My guess is you're not, so no worries.
    Just because it's in a console window doesn't mean it's DOS.
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