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    Beginner-linking headers

    Hi there,

    I am a complete beginner and need some advice. I have been sent 4 programs, one main program "calDD.c" which has [code] #include"header.h"[\code] on the first line. I have also been sent "header.h", "integration.c" and "util.c". where the two C files contain information that is used in the header file. I have looked at all the info given but can not work out how to link/compile them properly. I have resorted to cutting the required code from the other files into the main file and running it which works but is not ideal.
    Could anyone let me know the commands I need to sort this out?

    Thank you

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    If all 4 files are in the same directory, then it's simply

    gcc calDD.c integration.c util.c
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    OK great, thank you!

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