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    Template question

    So i'm trying to convert a postfix expression to an expression tree and print it. I have the following classes. In the main, I have never really understood how to properly declare stuff. Im getting errors saying the function i used in main has not been declared and such. Any explanation would be appreciated

    template<class object>
    class TreeNode
      object element;
      TreeNode *left;
      TreeNode *right;
      TreeNode(const object &theElement, TreeNode *lt, TreeNode *rt):
        element(theElement), left(lt), right(rt){}
    template<class object>
    class Stack
      bool isEmpty();
      TreeNode<object> *top();
      void makeEmpty();
      void pop();
      void push(TreeNode<object> *info);
      TreeNode<object> *topAndPop();
      void posttotree(string, TreeNode<object>*&);
      struct ListNode {
        TreeNode<object> * element;
        ListNode *next;
        ListNode(const object &theElement, ListNode *n=NULL):
          element(theElement), next(n) {}
      ListNode *topofstack;
    int main()
      string postfix;
      TreeNode<object> *T;  // not properly declared
      cout << "Enter postfix expression:" << endl;
      cin >> postfix;
      posttotree(postfix, *T);   // function not declared?
      return 0;

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    you need to create a stack object in order to use the posttotree() function. it's a member function and cannot be called independently of an object. also, line 36 is a problem because there is no such thing as an 'object' type in the context of your program. you need to use a real type like int or string in place of object in main.

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    Is using a template better? I keep getting errors such as "Stack is not a template" or "TreeNode<char>* TreeNode<char>::left is private within this context"

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    Quote Originally Posted by stefanyco
    Is using a template better?
    Better than what? Elkvis pointed out that using the name object in the main function is wrong because that name does not exist within that scope.
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    Better than no template, in this context.
    And yes, got that.

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    The problems have nothing to do with templates and the fact that you seem confused on basics.
    If you've used std::vector, then you know it wants a type. So does your tree. But you are telling it to use a non-existans type. The type "object" does not exist.
    Furthermore, you are creating a pointer to a that tree, for absolutely no reason. Why?
    posttotree is a member function in the Stack, yet you try to use it as a global function, and passing the wrong number of arguments, as well. Why?

    Perhaps you should review basics.
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    You mean it's included as a crutch to help ancient programmers limp along without them having to relearn too much.

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    Oh no no, I understand that. I knew that I was just frustrated when I posted this and posted prematurely. I'm getting different errors now such as 'Stack is not a template' or 'template argument required for struct Stack'
    I was thinking of just making it a non template to just see if my algorithms work. But why would I get the error "Stack is not a template" for example, when it says template. haha I'll figure it out in due time.

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