Thread: How to detect if user presses enter?

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    How to detect if user presses enter?

    I know this question is dumb, I'm sorry.

    std::cout << "Please press enter (or any key) to continue.";

    // ??? ( <<< what goes here?)

    std::cout << "You pressed enter (or any key)!";

    I've been using the following for all my code so far, but since I'm making a simple text based adventure game, I don't want to create a variable, I just want the user to be able to press enter and continue.

    char x;
    std::cin >> x;
    return 0;

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    Like this:
         //Enter Was pressed 
        // :P :P :P

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    To expand on manasij7479's answer: How to I get my program to wait for a keypress - FAQ You should check all the FAQ's out, there is a lot of good information there.
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    I like the keypress! It makes me press enter still, but that way I can just use the function instead of having to type an If + Else statement every time. Thanks!

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    Here is an advanced way to read the keyboard.
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